Tuesday 20 March 2018


While very few ladies can trust Beverly "Bev" Sibanda with their husbands, Harpers Mapimhidze's wife says she has no problem with the dancer being with her hubby.
Mapimhidze has been Bev’s manager since 2010 and they are not related.

Most married women view the Sexy Angels’ leader as a threat as she made endless headlines in local tabloids for her explicit dances as well as her affair-stories with married men such as musician Andy Muridzo among others.

But for Mapimhidze’s wife Therissa Kabaya, she regards Bev as one of her husband’s sisters.

“I call her tete and she calls me muroora. What I read in papers about her character is different from the one I know.

“To me, Bev is very caring aunt. She regularly buys us groceries and even clothes for the entire family. She usually invites our five-year-old son to her apartment when she is free hence there is no way I can consider her as a threat in my marriage,” said Kabaya.
In Zimbabwe, pole dancers are regarded more or less as commercial sex workers.

“I do not even feel jealous when Harpers travels with groups of female dancers because I know he is doing it for the family. What makes me less suspicious is the fact that he brings virtually every cent home,” Kabaya said.

Mapimhidze met Bev at Destiny Night Club in Harare’s Westlea suburb in 2010.
“By then, I was managing the club and I saw Bev’s potential in showbiz. Before managing the Sexy Angels, I used to manage musicians such as Progress Chipfumo sometime in 2004, Assegai Crew and Makombe Brothers,” said Mapimhidze.

On March 28, Mapimhidze will celebrate his 44th birthday at City Sports Bar in Harare.
The event will feature Chipfumo, Madiz, Killa Trilla, Bev, Wasu, Apama, Zoey, Fearless, Sarah D, Pramastove, Unique, Manjenjenje, Fire Works, Lollipops, Hot Bling, Kalawa, Extra Hot and Makopolo among others. Daily News


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