Tuesday 20 February 2018


A FORM One pupil at Tshazi Secondary School in Filabusi, Matabeleland South, allegedly bit 14 of his classmates, seriously injuring one amid suspicions that he is rabid.

School authorities yesterday took some of the pupils to Filabusi District Hospital for medical tests.

The juvenile (14) who cannot be named for ethical reasons reportedly went on a biting frenzy on Thursday and Friday last week. Sources at the school yesterday said veterinary officials visited the school as they feared the juvenile could be rabid.

“It just happened on Thursday; the boy was behaving like he had fallen into a trance. He bit his classmates and seriously injured one boy who had to be rushed to hospital bleeding. A chunk of flesh was removed from his arm sending shivers to pupils who witnessed the incident,” said a source.

His classmates, sources said, are now scared of the boy following the incident.
“Pupils in his class were very scared as they had not seen such a strange incident before. Rumour swirled that the boy could either be possessed by ancestral spirits or he is rabid,” said another source.

A Chronicle news crew visited the school yesterday and the school head, only identified as Mr G Ndlovu declined to comment saying they were compiling a report on the unusual occurrence.
“I cannot comment on the matter. As you know I am not allowed to talk to the media but we are compiling a report to the DSI (District Schools Inspector) because we have sent the pupils to Filabusi Hospital for tests. We will submit the comprehensive report and then you can get it from the DSI,” said Mr Ndlovu.

One boy and 13 others were bitten on Thursday and Friday and all of them were taken to hospital for tests yesterday. Pupils who witnessed the incident said it was unexpected.  They said their classmate was not provoked.

“He acted like he was possessed. Sasicabanga ukuthi uledlozi (We thought he is possessed by ancestral spirits) and he bit 14 of our classmates and we managed to escape and watch from outside,” said one of the pupils.

“Everyone got scared afterwards and we now fear that it could happen again and he could injure more.”

The Chronicle caught up with the pupils at the Filabusi District Hospital after they had been tested.

Sources said the matter was not reported to the police. Matabeleland South Provincial Education Director Mr Lifias Masukume said he was yet to receive a report on the matter. Chronicle


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