Saturday 17 February 2018


CABINET Ministers under former President Robert Mugabe’s administration neglected Government duties as they spent most of their time at farms, Vice President Kembo Mohadi said yesterday.

Officially opening a multi-million Yadah Marble Factory in the capital, Cde Mohadi said under the old dispensation, Ministers had a lackadaisical approach to work but things have changed under President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration.

Yadah Marble was founded by Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance leader Prophet Walter Magaya.

VP Mohadi said, “Yadah Marble has every reason to be happy about President Mnangagwa and his Cabinet’s business friendly policies; these guys are very forward looking. Yesterday, when we were under a different dispensation, they were not forward looking at all, they spent much time at their farms. I hardly saw him (Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bhimha) in his office, I was in the 20th floor and he was in 11th floor. He used to be at his farm, I used to see his cattle in Chivhu on my way to Beitbridge. We hardly go to see those animals now.

“So it’s not business as usual, we work, work and work. President Mnangagwa’s mantra is to see Zimbabwe produce world class goods. We want to make the shortage of foreign currency a thing of the past by generating more exports than we import.”

Cde Mohadi said President Mnangagwa has opened a new exciting chapter in the running of national affairs since taking office last November.

He said the new dispensation has created hope in improving daily lives of the public.
“The President has come up with a new slogan, which says ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’. This mantra is directed at locals as much as it is directed at foreigners.
“He (President) flew all the way to Switzerland in the snowy mountains of the Alps where he delivered a sweet message that Zimbabwe is open for business and that we welcome all foreign investments. The global captains of finance in Davos welcomed this clarion call.

“As am talking to you now, the three months that we have been in office, we have managed to attract investments to the tune of a little bit over US$3 billion. President Mnangagwa made a very pertinent decision, announced at a business meeting at Meikles, special economic zones have to be taken beyond geographical locations. VaMnangagwa said as long as there is a resource in an area, we can designate an economic zone such as Ziscosteel.

Cde Mohadi praised Prophet Magaya for responding to the business friendly environment through the US$17 million Yadah Marble Factory which will produce 4 000 tonnes of marble per month and annual earnings of US$100 million in the first year.
“This is sweet news to Treasury and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. By the same token, it is boon to our unemployed youths, jobs will be created at the factory, in the mines and transport services,” said the VP.

“We applaud Prophet Magaya for the positive response to the business call by our President Cde Mnangagwa. Government is happy that Yadah Marble is giving a new lease of life to our factory premises. Southerton will now be alive from the noise and smoke from the factory.

“The message to other industrialists is very clear, rush to Zimbabwe and invest in our industries.” Minister Bimha said the new factory showed that even locals could turnaround the economy through meaningful investments.

He said if locals export more goods, the foreign currency shortages will be addressed in no time.  “This new factory will create 3 000 jobs and there is modern equipment, it shows that it can be done,” said Minister Bimha.

Prophet Magaya said Yadah Marbles is operating 28 mines and extracting 45 different types of marbles.

“We expect a turnover of US$100 million in the first year and US$200 million in the following year. Yadah Marbles will be the biggest company to produce marble products in the world,” he said. Sunday Mail 


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