Tuesday 6 February 2018


PRESIDENT Mnangagwa is heading to Mashonaland Central Province tomorrow where he is expected to tour Siyalima Farm in Guruve South.

Minister of State for Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs Advocate Martin Dinha yesterday visited the farm to assess the state of its preparedness to host the President. He said he was happy with the state of affairs at the farm.

“The project includes a 50 hectare irrigation scheme, orchard and fishery,” he said. “Zinwa drilled boreholes and we are hopeful that this A1 farm will be productive.

“This is one of the many projects we have done in the province under the irrigation programme. We are happy that the project is in line with Zim-Asset and the new Government agenda of uplifting people’s standard of living. I want to thank Government departments at all levels for their commitment to the project.”

Member of Parliament for Guruve South Cde Patrick Dutiro said his constituency was happy to receive the President, who is visiting the province for the first time since his inauguration in November last year.

“Siyalima irrigation scheme is the first in Guruve and people cannot wait to meet their new President,” he said. “Some are prepared to sleep here at Siyalima so that they do not miss this event. Mobilisation has been done and all other districts in the province will come to meet the President.”

The Provincial Crops and Livestock officer, Mr Stanslaus Tapererwa, said the province identified a farm away from Mazowe and Bindura, areas that are frequently visited.

“Siyalima Farm has a potential of a irrigation scheme, a fishery, livestock, an orchard and other projects. However, the Primary School has water challenges and rely on a windmill,” said Mr Tapererwa.

“Zinwa drilled a borehole and Pedstock is coming with a pump so that water reaches the orchard. We also have a water tank that supplies water to the school.

“The Forestry Commission has supplied fruit trees which include mangoes, guavas, naartjies, apples and TIMB has supplied 15 000 gum trees. There is deforestration in this area due to tobacco farming so each farmer will get 2 000 gum trees.”

Mr Tapererwa said the Veterinary Department was sprucing up a dip tank and 1 400 hectares for the paddock area needed to be fenced.

“We have contracted all the farmers so that they access all inputs. Before, only four farmers were contracted. At least 50 000 small fish will be introduced in the dam,” he said.

“We also have another project of artificial insemination for the cattle to improve their breed. We have a 50 hectare centre pivot and each of the 96 farmers will irrigate half a hectare. There is need for the land to be replanned so that farmers share a hectare under irrigation and remain with three hectares each of dry land.”

Siyalima Farm is a resettlement area in ward 1 of Guruve South constituency and has 150 households. Herald


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