Wednesday 28 February 2018


MADZIBABA Stephen, popularly known as ‘back to sender prophet’, has sent tongues wagging in Zengeza, Chitungwiza after he opened a night club.

Born Stephen Mugariri, the popular prophet has opened a night club, butchery and canteen at the former Mbizi Night Club under a new brand name, Executive Centre.
Residents are complaining over his decision to promote promiscuous behavior by opening the club when he is known for turning the lost to the kingdom of God.

“Kana anababa vezvemweya varivo vakuvhura mabhawa zvakurevei isu tichitarisira kuti vanoponesa vanhu vakarasika,” said one of the residents.

“He is now promoting prostitution in our area. What message is he trying to send to our children?

“We are now doubting him because this behavior is not associated with Godliness,” said one of the disgruntled residents.

Some of the people interviewed told this publication that they are shocked by the recovery of cellphones lost to thieves in the bar and an increased number of people visiting the place.

“After Madzibaba Stephen opened the club under a new name, there is an increase on the number of prostitutes but what is surprising is that anyone who losses his cellphone to thieves recovers it quickly,” said one of the imbibers at the Executive Centre.

H-Metro visited the place on Sunday and found Madzibaba Stephen playing pool and he confirmed ownership of the place saying he has another bar operating in Mhondoro.

Guspy Warrior entertained imbibers at Executive Centre’s official opening. 

“I am not surprised by comments coming from people about this but to be honest with you I have another bar operating at Karuru Business Centre in Mhondoro and many questioned about it as well,” said Madzibaba Stephen.

“After I opened the bar in Mhondoro, our first customers have since stopped taking alcohol and the place is ever busy with new clients.

“Imbibers who visits our bars are safe from thieves and those who lost their property in the bar will recover them quickly and we beg them not to exert instant justice on offenders.

“My opening of the bar is not to turn beer drinkers to church but residents begged me to create jobs for them in the community and some call me daily to provide security at my shrines to earn money.

“It is on that background that I decided to open butcheries, canteens and a night club both in Mhondoro and Zengeza.
“I created jobs for a number of people in those businesses and I do not feel ashamed or take it as a sin since pastors do not ask how people at church get their money.

“This is money from heathens that we are collecting to change lives of those in our community.

“I cannot force people to turn to God but if they receive grace from the Lord and His Spirit draws them to God not by closing beer halls or night clubs.

“Transport operators do not deny drunkards entrance in their buses because they are not holy and we cannot stop pastors from tobacco farming when it is number one in earning foreign currency.

“Ipfungwa dzevasingade kunamata dzekuongorora nekusoropodza mabasa evanhu nekuti varikutaura zvakadaro nekukereke kwacho havauye saka hatirege kutora mari yavo tichibetsera vasina by opening businesses like bars.

“They will be shocked to find me on the DJ box spinning music that entertains them and I am a good dancer although I like playing pool.

“Men are visiting our place to eat mazondo and stories topping there are family issues and bedroom issues as well so I am not moved by few people’s negative comments,” said Madzibaba Stephen.

Executive Centre is drawing people from as far as Dema and Highfield that people are of the belief that Madzibaba Stephen is using his spiritual powers to draw clients to his bar and butchery.



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