Wednesday 21 February 2018


A CHINESE national and a local business partner on Monday lost $14 500 to armed robbers who intercepted them along the Mutare-Harare highway before they accosted them to their residence, where they stole more money.

Initially, the armed robbers had stolen $8 500 when they hijacked the vehicle in which the pair was travelling. Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, the gang shot at the Toyota Quantum in which the victims were travelling.

“A Chinese national and his local partner were intercepted by armed criminals, who shot at their vehicle, a Toyota Quantum, and stole $8 500 (bond notes). The criminals forcibly took control of the complaint’s vehicle and drove to Harare, with armed robbers in pursuit with their vehicle, a Toyota Wish,” she said.

“On arrival at the complainant’s residence, the complainants were force-marched into the house where the robbers stole $6 000, which was in the house.”

According to the police, a shootout ensued after police reacted to a distress call, as the robbers were reportedly firing indiscriminately.

Two people, a motorist and a passer-by, were caught in the cross fire. They were rushed to a local hospital, where they are being treated. Police said they had arrested one of the criminals involved, who is assisting them with investigations.

They also warned members of the public to desist from keeping large sums of money, in their homes, as it can attract robbers. Newsday


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