Tuesday 13 February 2018


Our icon Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai tasked me to unite the party in order to win this year’s elections. I vow to bring my President’s wish into reality so that MDCT can be in government this year.

I will not be drawn into dog fights with my colleagues. No amount of vilification or denigration or provocation will draw me into any exchanges or activities that will tear our dear party apart or derail the people’s hope for a better future. I will not betray my President who has so much faith and trust in me. I am prepared to make sacrifices to keep the MDCT united and alive. That is the only way.

I will not have unbridled ambitions for power. Let me assure you that once the party is united and there is order and direction everything will fall into place. When the time comes that there is a vacancy in the Presidency, everyone who wishes will have the opportunity to present themselves to the people who will make their choice. I will respect that choice and lend all my support to him/her.

The shenanigans of fast-tracking Standing Committee, National Executive and National Council meetings by the self-appointed Nelson Chamisa and those who want immediate power at all costs at the expense of unity, constitutionalism and due process and in the absence of free and fair process to democratically make decisions cannot be tolerated or condoned by any right thinking Zimbabwean.

In spite of all this, I will continue to lead the party as the Acting President and will hold campaign meetings in every ward, district and province to ensure victory for the party and the people.

Hon. Eng. Elias Mudzuri

Acting President (MDCT)


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