Sunday 14 January 2018


A woman en-route to Karoi gave birth in a public toilet at Gadzema Bus Terminus in Chinhoyi last Friday during a bus trip recess.

Passengers in the CAG bus that was headed for Kariba had a break and the pregnant woman also joined them to relieve herself as others dropped off in Chinhoyi.

Eyewitnesses who spoke to The Herald said apart from visible signs of pregnancy, the woman looked healthy and normal when she disembarked from the bus.
It is not clear whether she was on labour or not when she entered the toilet.

Vendors who sell their wares at the terminus were shocked to see people running out of the women’s toilet screaming after seeing the woman going into labour.

A vendor, only identified as Mai Bhobha, came to the woman’s rescue after realising that the she could be in need of assistance.

By the time she got into the toilet, the baby was already on its way out.
“I saw people running out of the toilet screaming, so my friend and I decided to go and assist the lady. The women coming out of the toilet were screaming that someone was delivering a baby in the toilet. This made me understand that she needed help. I made her to lie on the toilet floor and helped deliver the baby which was already trapped by her underwear,” narrated Mai Bhobha.
The woman bravely cut the umbilical cord using a razor blade and draped the infant in her own cloth, known commonly as a Zambia, before taking the baby to the clinic.

An ambulance later took the mother to the same clinic before they were both transferred to Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital for further observation.

When The Herald visited the hospital, a nurse who cannot be named for professional reasons, said both mother and baby were in a stable condition although the woman had to undergo minor surgery.

“At the moment you cannot talk to her because she is still in the labour ward. The woman was already due but she was not aware. Her baby weighs two kilogrammes and she is a bouncing baby girl,” she said. Herald


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