Thursday 4 January 2018


Property worth about $85 000 was reduced to ashes at Tendai Hall in Bindura in the early hours of New Year’s Day after revellers who wanted a band to perform in the hall were angered by a church service taking place. 

Bindura Town Clerk Mr Shangwa Mavesera confirmed the incident, but said information of what actually transpired was still sketchy. He added that police were investigating the matter.

“The incident happened around 2am on New Year’s Day and I rushed to the scene, but I only managed to get sketchy details of what happened because of the commotion. The community hall was occupied by a church that was having their crossover service,” said Mr Mavesera.

“It is alleged that people outside the hall started throwing stones and bottles inside the hall. It is believed that the people who were throwing missiles were drunk. I am not sure what caused the melee, but they started breaking window panes and burning tyres.

They went inside the hall and started burning chairs and damaging the roof. People had to run for dear lives. We lost about 200 chairs. We had stocked building materials that we wanted to use to renovate Chipadze Bar inside the hall. Some of the material was burnt while some was stolen.”
Mr Mavesera said he estimated the damages at around $85 000.

“We are still verifying and counting the losses. The police are investigating. We are waiting for the insurance company, afterwards we can ask for assistance to renovate the hall,” he said.

Minister of State for Mashonaland Provincial Affairs Advocate Martin Dinha condemned the incident saying violent behaviour was unacceptable.

“Preliminary reports received indicate that the rowdy crowd composed mainly of makorokoza illegally mining at Kitsiyatota, commonly referred to as MaShurugwi, and infamous for their violent behaviour, were incensed by a New Year’s midnight church crossover ceremony and instead wanted a disco or band,” said Adv Dinha.
“The same group then mobilised others and started attacking the police and congregants who were in a church service. They burnt tyres and threw missiles. Property worth almost $90 000 was destroyed, including a state-of-the-art public address system. We condemn the rowdy and criminal behaviour and call on the police to take all necessary measures to bring them to book.

“The incident was not politically motivated and was a pure case of disrespect of the law and a worrisome and ugly anti-police behaviour. Police must be respected by all people and we need to remind our fellow residents of Bindura and our artisanal miners that inciting violence and attacking police is a serious offence.” Herald


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