Tuesday 2 January 2018


A DANGAMVURA woman who allegedly stalked her doctor and accused him in public of disclosing her health status has been hauled before the courts facing criminal defamation and extortion charges.

Patience Mabhiza (33) denied both charges when she appeared before Mutare magistrate Miss Perseverance Makala on Wednesday. Mr Cuthbert Bosha prosecuted. The State alleged that Mabhiza criminally defamed Drr Warning Mazhambe of Premier Medical Centre, Mutare, and tried to extort information from his office without legal authority.

Mabhiza was remanded to January 5, 2018 for trial. Allegations were that earlier in December and around midnight, Dr Mazhambe was drinking beer at Motoring Club, Mutare, in the company of his friends discussing football when Mabhiza appeared.

It was further alleged that she approached him and started shouting at him claiming that he was disclosing her health status at the bar. This did not go down well with the doctor who is mandated not to disclose any information pertaining the health of his patients prompting him to make a police report.

“She acted in a way that causes serious harm to the reputation of the doctor and therefore acted unlawfully,” said Mr Bosha.

Mabhiza is alleged to have visited the doctor’s office in his absence last week. She approached Maxwell Mushayamunda, the customer relations officer, demanding that he write her a letter confirming that she was once medically examined by Dr Mazhambe. She allegedly purported that she had been sent by the police to obtain the letter.

“Mushayamunda did not give her the letter but advised his superior who indicated that she could only obtain that letter if the police put it in writing or if she had a court order.

“This angered Mabhiza who went on to say that the doctor would be collected by soldiers or that she would (report him) to  the media,” stated Mr Bhosha. Mabhiza was remanded out of custody. Manica Post


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