Monday 15 January 2018


A MARRIED Methodist pastor is fighting to inherit his late cousin’s wife. Pastor Aaron Makiwa from Norton circuit is being accused of nagging his late cousin’s wife Rebecca Ndagutah forcing her to be his second wife in a bid to secure the deceased’s estate.

Ndagutah of house number 7012 phase 4 Ushewekunze claims that after the death of her husband Samuel Ndagutah, she has been living a miserable life due to the acts of violence Pastor Aaron is exhibiting.

“After the death of my husband, his younger brother (cousin) called for a meeting where he claimed to be the rightful person to inherit me and my late husband’s property.

“He is not even ashamed of his deeds – all he wants is to take over everything that was left by his cousin. I told him that I was not going to be his wife because the time my husband died they were not in good books,” said Rebecca.

When H-Metro approached Pastor Makiwa, he refuted all the allegations.

“My name is Aaron Makiwa and the late was Samuel Ndagutah. I am not able to inherit his property because we are from different families, we are only cousin brothers.

“I am even richer than the deceased who was a mere school teacher and I have my own wife so why should I inherit her when I am legally married to my wife.

“Ndagutah and his wife were also legally married so she has every right to inherit her late husband’s property according to the law.”

He said the bone of contention is that her husband had other children outside the marriage whom he was maintaining.

He added that she is afraid these children from outside the marriage may inherit all the property.

However, Rebecca insists that her version of events is the truth.

She said that after refusing to be his wife, Pastor Makiwa started to threaten her with unspecified actions and insulting her with obscenities.

“All our relatives are ashamed of his actions, this made him to be disrespected and everyone is waiting for him to be exposed.

“He is such a greedy and inconsiderate person who does not consider his late brother’s family and I don’t know why he is bothering me since he has his wife and family.

She also told H-Metro that Makiwa is in the habit of sending text messages to her children threatening them.


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