Tuesday 16 January 2018


The government’s efforts to recapitalise the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) have intensified with the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Dr Joram Gumbo embarking on a tour of all the country’s rail operation sites to get first hand information on the state of affairs ahead of cabinet’s finalisation of the $400 million recapitalisation deal.

Dr Gumbo took time out of office to tour various NRZ operation stations in Harare to get first hand information on how best government can recapitalise and revamp the state enterprise, which has been run down owing to a number of challenges, chief among them vandalism and years of disrepair.

During the visit, Dr Gumbo admitted that the NRZ has been run down, but was quick to reveal that the $400 million investment deal between NRZ and Transnet & DIDG has been polished up with the revamping of country’s railways expected to commence soon.

The minister blasted the NRZ management for sleeping on duty after witnessing Harare’s rail yards in a state of dilapidation.

He said the central train control system was reported to have developed challenges in 1997 before the management reverted to the primitive paper order and radio signals which have seen the NRZ failing to operate passenger trains.

The minister’s itinerary will take him to Kwekwe, Gweru and Dabuka stations tomorrow before visiting Bulawayo and Mutare on Thursday and Friday respectively.
The NRZ is a key driver of the economy and its revival was long overdue.


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