Saturday 20 January 2018


FORMER Tourism minister and Masvingo South MP Walter Mzembi yesterday said he had taken a sabbatical from politics to concentrate on private business.

Mzembi threw in the towel after he was recalled from Parliament together with 10 other MPs aligned to the G40 faction that was involved in a tussle for control of Zanu PF in the race to succeed former President Robert Mugabe who succumbed to military pressure last November.

Mzembi, however, said he would remain loyal to Zanu PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa and pleaded for his support in his new corporate adventures.

“I wish to state that I have accepted the decision of the party in all instances and will notwithstanding continue to serve the interests of the party as its registered voter,” Mzembi said in a statement yesterday.

“I remain a loyal member of the party and while expulsion is an administrative exercise in pursuit of reasserting discipline in the party, my heart and soul remains embedded in the ideals, principles and ideological construct of Zanu PF, and I will serve its interests in other roles, most of all as a private citizen going forward into the future.”

Mzembi was expelled from the ruling party in November 2017 and subsequently fired from Parliament on Thursday.

“May I take this opportunity to reaffirm my loyalties to the President and first secretary of Zanu PF, Cde ED Mnangagwa, the party and government and reassure them of my continued support. The struggle ahead of us now is that of economic emancipation and development and in my new found role as a private citizen, I will add my hands on the deck to achieve a prosperous life for all Zimbabweans in line with the aspirations of the President,” he added.

Mzembi said he will support the new candidate for Masvingo South constituency, where he was the MP for the past 15 years. “As soon as the party nominates my replacement ahead of the 2018 general elections, I together with them shall support the Zanu PF candidate to electoral victory.

“This simultaneously signals my break with representative politics and my re-entry into corporate life for which I pray for support from the President, the party and government. It is honourable to mention that I represented them on a Zanu PF ticket.” Newsday


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