Friday 19 January 2018


CONTROVERSIAL businessman and socialite Wicknell Chivayo — popularly known as Sir Wicknell — is now a father after his wife Sonja Madzikanda gave birth to a baby boy on Thursday.

The development came six months after the socialite customarily married Sonja in a much hyped ceremony. At that time, July last year, Sir Wicknell shared that his wife was expecting.

A person who is not shy to show off his wealth on social media, Sir Wicknell could not resist the urge to share his new bundle of joy on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.
He has since named the baby boy John Chenjera Chivayo.

The beaming new father also posted some pictures with the bouncing baby boy, showing that all is well with the new family.

“Help me welcome Mr John Chenjera Chivayo to this earth . . . God is great,” posted Wicknell a picture of himself walking along the corridors of a hospital carrying the baby while a nurse looked on.

However, people pointed out that Wicknell’s baby was in pink, a colour closely associated with female babies and he should check the gender of the baby again to make sure.
After paying the bride price last year, Sir Wicknell revealed that his wife Sonja would give birth in America. From the pictures shared by him and his buddy Tazvi Mhaka it seems that the wife gave birth to the boy in America.

Congratulating his pal Mhaka said: “May your baby boy be the angel that you were always looking for. May he make your life happy, prosperous and pure. Chronicle


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