Wednesday 17 January 2018


When businessman Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi flaunted his R4 million Bentley car he had Twitter in stitches not because of the car but that Bentley manufactured its own iPads and that they are not from Apple Inc.

The word that Ginimbi was looking for was Tablet or Tab but he ended up doing the ‘all toothpaste is Colgate’ mistake and Twitter roasted him for it.

“I don’t need to go to an iStore to buy an iPad, I have got everything here. This car has WiFi, everything my guy that I need. I don’t need to go to a business centre in case there is an emergency. I just have to take this iPad from the backseat my guy and start googling my guy, Guuuugu in the car.”

This is where social media started picking him apart laughing at Ginimbi saying he did not understand the difference between the two.

Now some have come up with what they call a #Ginimbichallenge, where many video record themselves in their cars trying to recite Ginimbi’s words.

Phrases like My Guy and Guuuugu said by Ginimbi are the two that have given him the most flack on social media.

Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube dedicated a whole thread laughing at Ginimbi’s ignorance or lack of knowledge of the gadgets on his Twitter page.

Another comedian United Kingdom based Xavier of the Ngiyatshiselwa fame also shared a video on his Instagram account imitating Ginimbi.
Both artistes summed up the jokes that circulated on social media with Ginimbi as the victim.
Last year in October it was reported how Ginimbi was finding his old cars irritating and posted on Instagram that he was going to buy himself a new car.—Showbiz Correspondent/ZimBuzz


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