Monday 15 January 2018


President Mnangagwa will visit China in April as his new administration intensifies re-engagement efforts with all countries of the world to rebuild the economy. Addressing Zimbabweans resident in Namibia yesterday, President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe was ready to re-engage with all countries of the world.

“In relation to international relations, on that subject, 35 minutes after I was sworn in, I was sent an envoy Mr Rory Steward by Mrs Theresa May (British Prime Minister) and the message was that they would want to have good relations with Zimbabwe. Open up again, re-engage. As an old focus, I said I am very happy that Britain has opened its door because Zimbabwe’s doors have been open all along, so we will be equal. Secondly, because this a surprise move by the UK which we welcome whole heartedly — at the time I didn’t have a Cabinet. I was just alone. I told him I needed my Cabinet first, so that we look at priorities and see which areas you can come in and assist.

“Then the second envoy came from the Peoples’ Republic of China and the message was the same. I will be going to China in April and working out areas of cooperation in that regard. But besides, we have envoys as well as messages of encouragement and congratulations from like (Angela) Merkel and want Germany to work with us, from (Vladimir) Putin in Russia the same, Brazil the same, India the same and from the Pope. Very few people receive congratulatory messages from the Pope and I received one myself.

“You can see the goodwill across the board, from Australia, from Canada to mention just a few and there are so many delegations coming to Zimbabwe on various areas of economic activity and cooperation and we are very happy with that. I can also see that our people, with a focused administration, are ready to work. They are ready to move.”

In his address, President Mnangagwa explained events that led to his elevation as the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. He said he was lampooned in public at nine Presidential youth interface rallies.

President Mnangagwa left the gathering in stitches when he said the 10th interface rally was a church gathering held in Harare where instead of preaching the word of God, the gospel was about beating him like a snake.

He said the following day he was fired from his position as Vice President.
President Mnangagwa said a few individuals who had surrounded former President Cde (Robert) Mugabe were taking advantage of his old age to abuse him.
He said that was evident when Cde Mugabe called him asking about his whereabouts when he was fired from the party and Government.

President Mnangagwa said Cde Mugabe told him over the phone that he was not aware that he was fired from the party and that he was in South Africa and asked to him to return home and have the issues resolved. Herald


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