Thursday 25 January 2018


A 41-YEAR-OLD man from Bulawayo has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for sodomising and assaulting his workmate while they were at work.

A court heard that the suspect Giant Moyo, a welder, accused his 51 year old workmate of informing their manager that he was conducting his personal business at work.

He assaulted his workmate who is employed as a security guard with a fan belt that is about a metre long and then sodomised him.

Moyo pleaded guilty to assault and aggravated indecent assault charges before Bulawayo regional magistrate Mrs Sibongile Msipa-Marondedze.

Mrs Msipa-Marondedze sentenced him to 10 years in prison and suspended three years on condition that he does not commit a similar offence in the next five years.
Moyo, a father of seven, will spend an effective seven years in jail.

He pleaded with the court to be lenient saying six of his children were still minors.
“I got angry after I arrived at work and found the gate locked. I don’t know what came over me and made me commit this crime as I have never done something like that,” he said.
For the State, Miss Concilia Ncube said Moyo went to his work place at around 3AM on Tuesday while his workmate was on duty and violently shook the gate.

“The moment the gate was opened Moyo started interrogating the man as to why he had told the manager that he was doing his personal business of welding after working hours. The man denied the allegations and Moyo started assaulting him with a fan belt which is about one metre long,” she said.

“The man fell down and Moyo stepped on his face. He ordered the man to go with him to his workplace about 100metres away. Once inside Moyo locked the door, ordered the man to lie down and assaulted him again with the fan belt.”

The court heard that he sodomised him and threatened to cut off his head if he told anyone about the matter. Chronicle


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