Tuesday 30 January 2018


CONTROVERSIAL businessman Wicknel Chivayo said Zimbabweans who were criticising him for posting paternal results of his son online were ignorant of the world trends.

Two weeks ago, Sir Wicknel, as Chivayo is known, shared pictures of his child John Chenjera soon after his wife Sonja gave birth in America.

Congratulatory messages clogged his post with some people urging him to do a DNA test to confirm paternity of the child.

Last week he gave in to the pressure and underwent a DNA test and then shared the results on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

This did not go down well with some people who accused him of humiliating his wife.
On Monday evening Sir Wicknel responded in the typical Sir Wicknel fashion, with insults saying Zimbabweans were a confused broke people.

“I posted a picture of my handsome baby boy and insulting comments and inbox messages came in thousands – heee haasi wako, tarisa maoko ayo baba vemwana iyeye mukaradhi, iwe 37 years usina mwana saka chimbo mira nyaya yako tinoiziva hauzvare (The child isn’t yours. Look at his hands, the father’s race is coloured. You are 37 years, you’ve no child and we know that you are impotent) and many more you know just how lethal broke people are,” said Sir Wicknel

He said when he did what people wanted they went on to condemn him.
“Then I decide to post the DNA results. Again you (Zimbabweans) scream at me again, wanyadzisa mukadzi (you’ve humiliated your wife), why were you doubting in the first place, this and that. Zimbabweans I can’t deal,” said Wicknel.

He said it was interesting that it was women who were fussy about the paternity test, showing that their men were raising children who are not theirs.

“It’s only in Zimbabwe where people make a big issue about paternity tests but otherwise it has become common practice the world over. Especially madzimai emu Zimbabwe, haadi kunzwa nyaya dze ma DNA because maka jaira ku chengetesa varume vana vasiri vavo (women in Zimbabwe don’t want to undergo DNA tests because they are used to having men raising children who aren’t theirs.) Anyway case closed kana paine arwadziwa (whoever feels pained) tough luck.”


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