Friday 26 January 2018


STUDENTS at Chibero College on Wednesday absconded lectures in protest against poor conditions at the institution.

According to one of the students who preferred anonymity, they have endured five months without electricity, proper sanitation, water and food.

“The main issue at hand is there are funds we were made to pay during our first trimester claiming they were project fees and now we are being forced to implement those projects with our pocket monies.

“We called for a meeting with the principal and he said that your funds are at University of Zimbabwe and its becoming a big challenge to retrieve them.

“It has been five months now staying on the college without electricity, its imposing negative implications on our results considering we will be needing to read during the night.
The source mentioned that they are no longer comfortable to be staying at the college in fear of the epidemics which are on the rise.

“On food, we are made to eat pest infested vegetables and cabbages every day. If there happens to be a change in the relish it will be rotten meat as a result of malfunction of refrigerators due to unavailability of electricity. 

“The environment we are staying in resembles a forest on its own, huswa hauchekwe and I cannot even remember when we last saw our hostels, toilets, classrooms and dining halls being cleaned.

“We are now living in fear following the recent reports of cholera outbreak. We are highly vulnerable.”

Another student highlighted that they don’t have any problem with their lecturers but however fingered the principal to be the master cause of their grievances.

“Our lecturers are just fine but the principal is running the college like his personal tuck-shop.

“We pay US$465 but the amount and the services offered are failing to match,” said the student.

Contacted for a comment, the director of Agricultural Colleges and Farmer Training Moffat Enerst Nyamangara said he will embark on a fact finding journey to Chibero College tomorrow before he can say anything much considering the complaints.

“Yes it is an issue which came to our attention yesterday but I myself cannot confirm if this is true or not since I have not gone there to see what’s on the ground.

“But I’m suspecting there is an element of exaggeration by students. They should have sat down with the College’s authorities and talked this over before contacting you the media.

“I contacted the Secretary for the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement who then advised us to go to Chibero and see for ourselves.

“So I will be going there tomorrow accompanied by my deputy and the Chief of Agricultural Education.

Please contact me tomorrow for feedback and confirmation of the claims,” said Nyamangara


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