Wednesday 13 December 2017


Government yesterday urged the MDC-Alliance not to give selfish political ambitions flight at the expense of the welfare of Zimbabweans who have invested their hope in President Emmerson Mnangagwa to revive the economy and uplift people’s lives.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Major-General (Rtd) Dr Sibusiso Moyo said it was “staggering” that opposition politicians expect President Mnangagwa and his new administration to undo wrongs committed in 37 years in two weeks.

The minister spoke in the wake of sensational presentations made by MDC-Alliance members Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and activists Dewa Mavhinga and Peter Godwin before the US senate foreign relations committee on Tuesday where they took turns to besmirch the country, urging the US government to maintain its ruinous sanctions regime. Zimbabweans from all walks of life expressed outraged at the MDC-Alliance’s rumblings.

“The advent of the new dispensation in our country, Zimbabwe, was realised at the inauguration of H.E. President E.D. Mnangagwa. This new era was achieved by our people, at home and abroad, who demanded change for the better. Street manifestations, which were joyous and peaceful, were constructed by all our citizens in their colourful diversity without regard to political affiliation.

“Selfish political ambitions should never be given flight at the expense of the welfare of our citizens. In this regard therefore, it was shocking to watch fellow Zimbabweans led by Tendai Biti, Dewa Mavhinga and Peter Godwin take turns before the USA senate foreign relations committee to besmirch and further soil the image of their own country,” he said.
Minister Moyo said more shocking was that MDC team “were performing their macabre charade only hours after I had met the American Ambassador to Zimbabwe, H.E. Mr Harry K. Thomas Jnr in my office, amicably to outline how our two friendly nations could re-engage and pursue measures which will benefit both of our peoples”.

He added: “Zimbabwe’s new Government has been in office for shorter than two weeks. It is staggering that these gentlemen should have expected the deeds of 37 years to be corrected and livelihoods improved in that short time.

As if that myopia was not enough, the trio and others requested their American hosts for more of the same policies which have inflicted so much suffering on our people. How could any serious putative future leader of our country ask that ZIDERA remains in place?”
Minister Moyo said it was common knowledge that US sanctions against Zimbabwe were ruinous.

“We all know that the ruinous USA sanctions against our country, Zimbabwe, cause little discomfort to the political elite and the well-off, as represented by the trio on their junket in Washington D.C. All of us Zimbabweans should be working to revive our economy, till our fertile soil and trade more competitively so that we all realise better health delivery, education and improved welfare in general,” he said.

Minister Moyo said disagreements must be resolved internally.
“Any internal disagreements should be resolved by our engaging with one another. There is no need to invite outside referees whose own fate has no relationship to ours. Let us advance our political goals without inviting punitive measures by strangers on our fellow citizens.”

He implored Zimbabweans to work together and develop the country.
“We must desist from creating “alternative truths” in regard to our own country for the purposes of political advantage. As His Excellency the President said on his taking office, we shall hold peaceful elections in 2018 guided by Sadc principles and African Union recommendations. Any leadership changes can therefore be gotten at the ballot box. There is no need to go abroad and seek assistance to further harm one’s own country,” said Minister Moyo.

He said while it was the right of every Zimbabwean to canvass for political fortunes of their choice,it must be done without undoing the benefits brought about by the new dispensation.

“All Zimbabweans are free to canvas for political fortunes of their choice. Let us do this without reversing the promise of our new dawn. All nations of goodwill are invited to assist us to regain our position in the family of nations, not as beggars but, as a prospering and vibrant democracy.

It is therefore incumbent upon every Zimbabwean to contribute towards the elimination of any threats to the peace and stability of our motherland,” said Minister Moyo. Herald


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