Saturday 30 December 2017


I hope I find you well. I am a girl aged 23 and I don’t know what is going on in my life. I met the man I am currently seeing when I was redoing my Ordinary Level science subjects.

He was caring towards everyone. My friends thought I was having an affair with him because he was and still is my teacher. They started to gossip about it and I became an outcast. I discovered the situation I was in and I changed my behaviour. I became rude and boastful so that my teacher vandivenge, but in the process I ended up falling for him. I am a Christian, well cultured girl and I know that it’s a sin but I am helpless. I am so ashamed of myself. Please help me end this inappropriate relationship. 


Thank you for your letter. I am very well, thanks for asking. At 23 you are a major and expected to reason like one. You thought misbehaving would make you invisible to the teacher? Quite the contrary it made you stand out as a student in need of guidance. The fact that people were spreading rumours about you should not have disturbed you one bit. Rumours are usually short-lived and usually fade to nothing if you pay it no mind. Why did you willingly fall in love with a married man? What is it in aid of? There is a conflict of interest here and he may end up giving you marks you don’t deserve. This will spoil you and set you up to fail come public exam season. 

At your age how exactly does one parade themselves as rude and boastful? You cannot then go on to say you are a cultured Christian woman. The one good thing I grasped from your letter is that you still have a conscience despite everything. If you are ashamed of yourself simply stop what you are doing. You are not helpless that’s why you made an effort to write to me. I advise you to just turn over a new leaf and focus on what is important like your education. Never be someone else’s sidekick or small house. It is important to keep your pride. There are so many guys who are looking for true love. Don’t be used as a lab rat, don’t let people experiment on you. Pray for yourself and those around you. I wish you all the best.


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