Tuesday 19 December 2017


For the first time in eight years, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) interviewed veteran sungura musician Hosiah Chipanga signalling an end to the ban they imposed on the controversial artiste in 2009.

In a report headlined “Chipanga’s new album set to be a record breaker,” ZBC all but confirmed that the Mutare-based artiste was now back in their good books.

The report, whose unusual complimentary tone took the Ndafunga Zano singer and his fans by surprise, stated:“Chipanga also said his forthcoming album titled Gumi Remitemo YaMwari Yakazara (The 10 commandments of God) and will be a hard-hitting social commentary, is expected to hit the airwaves soon.

“For now Chipanga said despite having fallen on hard times, his latest offering will show that he is not a spent force as he is still crafting lyrics that are being described by many as par excellence.”
In an interview with the Daily News yesterday, Chipanga conceded that the ZBC interview came as a “pleasant surprise.”

“I was equally surprised to see ZBC reporters coming for an interview. It is a positive development in my music career to be back on national television after such a long blackout. I hope they will go on to play my music again,” the Kwachu Kwachu singer said.

He added that he has been encouraged by recent political developments which propelled Emmerson Mnangagwa to the presidency.

“Mnangagwa is trying his best to correct his predecessor’s mistakes just like what the biblical Joshua did after Moses,” he said.

Efforts to obtain an official comment from the State broadcaster were fruitless.
Firstme Vhitori, who is in the public relations department, referred the Daily News to her boss who repeatedly did not answer his phone.

The new ZBC stance runs contrary to their 2009 position when they banned Chipanga’s album Hero Shoko because of its “provocative political statements.”

In a letter written by then ZBC secretary Norman Mahori to Chipanga’s lawyers, Gutu and Chikowero Attorneys, the national broadcaster confirmed the ban of the controversial artiste:
“After listening to the six tracks on Hero Shoko we are of the view that some of the tracks contain provocative political statements which we feel is out of place especially during this time of the infancy of the inclusive government.

“As a public broadcaster, it is our duty to promote harmony in society. We will accord airplay to those tracks which we found to be in order,” said the ZBC official. Daily News


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