Monday 25 December 2017


A Gweru woman has accused a local ferrochrome smelting company, Xin Yu Mining Corporation, of firing her because she was pregnant.

Angela Gwatiringa, who was employed by Xin Yu as a control room assistant, was recently relieved of her duties by the company after she indicated that she was now heavily pregnant and wanted some leave days.

“I indicated to the company’s human resources manager, Mr Kudakwashe Chitakure that I needed some leave days because I was feeling heavy,” she said.

“When he approached the company directors they gave him the directive to fire me and the following day I was handed a dismissal letter.”

Ms Gwatiringa said she had since approached the National Employment Council after she could not get joy from the management.

“What disturbs me is that, is it a crime to fall pregnant?’ she said. “Labour laws have a provision that when someone is pregnant she will be given maternity leave.

“The company is ignorant of labour laws and workers were always threatened by management, which claims to be politically connected. If you try to voice your concern, you are automatically fired and this is what has happened to me. The management claims they have a strong political connection.”
Mr Chitakure confirmed that they fired Ms Gwatiringa. He said the allegations that she was fired because she was pregnant were false.

“Her job was technical, she was working in a control room and there were concerns that she was not doing her job properly,” said Mr Chitakure.
“The dismissal was based on incompetence. I was not even aware that she was pregnant, so the allegations I think are coming from the fact that she is disappointed.” Chronicle


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