Thursday 21 December 2017


A 42-year-old Gweru man lost his car, a Honda fit, to catapult and knobkerrie wielding robbers who later went on a joyride before dumping the vehicle. Mr Vincent Mhanga was driving towards Antlope Park resort on his way to his farm in the Ngamo area on the outskirts of Gweru last Sunday when he saw barricades on the road.

“When I disembarked to clear the road, two people, one with a knobkerrie and another armed with a catapult, suddenly approached me and demanded the car keys. The one with a knobkerrie went on to demand cash and started searching me, while his colleague took position threatening to attack me with a catapult if I objected,” he said.
Mr Mhanga said the two later got into his car and drove away, leaving him stranded in the bush.

“I later visited Mkoba 1 Police Station which then referred me to Gweru Rural Police Station where I made a report,” he said.

Mr Mhlanga said the car was later found dumped along the Gweru-Chiwundura Road with multiple dents. Police said the suspects could have stolen the car for a mere joyride. Mr Mhanga thanked the police for making efforts that led to the recovery of his car.

“The police reaction was very swift,” he said. “They called me the very day I made the report. They found it dumped with the keys on the ignition and everything in place except some dents and shattered side lamps.”Herald


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