Friday 17 November 2017


RODNEY Dangarembizi, the man Zanu-PF Youth Affairs Secretary Cde Kudzanai Chipanga accused of originating the statement that denigrated Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga and the ZDF hierarchy, yesterday categorically denied involvement in the invective-filled statement as he dismissed the embattled youth leader as a creature of habit given to hysterical and abusive rants.

Mr Dangarembizi then fingered Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo as the author of the statement. Cde Chipanga on Wednesday apologised profusely to Gen Chiwenga and the ZDF for his derogatory remarks on Tuesday. He said the statement he read was given to him by Mr Dangarembizi. Mr Dangarembizi yesterday said Cde Chipanga should own up to his mistakes without trying to soil innocent people.
“The leader of the Zanu-PF Youth League Kudzanai Chipanga issued an apology to the Defence Forces. Instead of owning up to his gross and grievous error in judgment he chose to implicate me and insinuate I was the author of the misconceived statement. I would like from the outset to categorically and unreservedly deny any involvement with the said statement and any association with the press statement in any manner,’’ Mr Dangarembizi said.
‘‘This is not the first time Chipanga has issued abusive statements aimed at national leaders and this was not the first invective fuelled press statement he has issued and certainly not the last. He is a man given to hysterical and imposing dreams not centred on reality. As such, the press statement he issued is consistent with his abrasive nature and he should not impute blameworthiness on innocent souls like me.”

Mr Dangarembizi then spilled the beans. “A demonstration of my detachment from these issues is that Mr Chipanga came to my house in the company of Jonathan Moyo and Minister Kasukuwere urging me to attack Vice President Mnangagwa in retribution for an article that had appeared in the Independent newspaper. In the article I was alleged to have promised General Trust Mugoba a role as General in return for him joining the G40.

‘‘A ready-made statement was handed to me and I was supposed to sign it. I refused to sign it or associate myself with G4O and its destructive politics. The person who writes such statements is well known in Zimbabwe political circles and was the one agitating for me to sign the document.”

“That person’s hand is evident in the infamous press statement and the language, diction and style is familiar to most Zimbabwean readers. He is the one who wrote the statement not me,’’ Mr Dangarembizi said in apparent reference to Prof Moyo.

‘‘I am reliably informed that there is a WhatsApp screenshot circulating where Jonathan Moyo is ordering Tongai (Kasukuwere) to ensure Chipanga reads the full statement. This explains why Chipanga was jittery. No wonder why everyone is happy with the stance by the millitary to place these culprits behind bars,” he added. Herald


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