Wednesday 1 November 2017


APOSTOLIC Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) leader Johannes Ndanga has claimed that former Vice-President Joice Mujuru would have easily been readmitted into Zanu PF, had she heeded his advice not to join the opposition camp following her expulsion in 2014.

Addressing journalists in Bulawayo on Monday at the end of an ACCZ congress, Ndanga, who endorsed President Robert Mugabe’s candidature for next year’s election, said Mujuru should have swallowed her pride and begged for readmission like former commissar Webster Shamu, who has since bounced back as Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister.

Shamu was one of the biggest surprises when Mugabe recalled him from the political dustbin, where, on several occasions, he was seen cutting a lone figure at Zanu PF functions.

He had been suspended in 2014 for allegedly aligning with Mujuru in an alleged plot to topple Mugabe.

“I advised Mujuru not to make rushed decisions and form an opposition party after she was expelled from Zanu PF. I advised her to humble herself, be patient and dedicate herself to Zanu PF, telling her that all would pass and she would be re-admitted into Zanu PF, as grudges cannot be held forever,” Ndanga said.

“Had she listened to my advice, she would have, by now, been re-admitted to Zanu PF like Shamu and possibly given a ministerial post. But she didn’t, and she is still out there in the cold.”

Mujuru now leads the opposition National People’s Party (NPP) and fronts the People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) — an opposition alliance made up of NPP, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) splinter group, Zimbabweans United for Democracy (Zunde) and the Democratic Assembly for Reform and Empowerment (Dare).

Methuseli Moyo, PRC’s information and publicity committee chairperson, yesterday defended Mujuru’s move to join opposition politics, saying the former Vice-President had no intentions of rejoining Zanu PF.

“Johannes Ndanga can go hang. I am sorry to say that to the man of god, but in this case, he has to be told so. Mugabe is not God who must be worshipped. Mujuru is happy where she is right now,” he said.

“She feels relieved to have left that sinking Titanic, which she, by the way referred, to as Egypt. There is no chance of Mujuru going back to Zanu PF, even in her next life. This we can assure you. She is done with Zanu PF.”

Mujuru led the Zimbabwe People First after her expulsion from Zanu PF, but the party later split following differences with other founding members of the party, among them Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa. newsday


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