Thursday 2 November 2017


A HARARE police officer has been reported for allegedly assaulting and forcing Frank Chikore, a personal driver to Air Zimbabwe chief executive officer, to lick urine on the floor over a $5 debt.

It is not mentioned in the court papers if Chikore is related to President Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law and acting AirZim CEO Simba Chikore or chauffer of suspended national airline CEO Ripton Muzenda.

Mukove Chatikobo, who is based at Epworth Police Station, is yet to appear in court over the assault case, which allegedly happened on September 26 this year, although his docket is already with the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

Chatikobo, who is charged under CRB number 9757-8/17 is facing two counts of assault and another of extortion.

Another complainant in the matter is Chikore’s cousin Thomas Chigwazo.

It is the State’s case that on September 26, Chikore was taken to Epworth Police Base to resolve a dispute over a $5 debt he owed the claimant, who is not named.

The claimant allegedly wanted the police to help her recover her money since she believed Chikore would escape without paying.

Chatikobo allegedly commenced his duty at around 7am and he found Chikore already in police holding cells.

It is alleged Chikore’s cousin Chigwazo then arrived at the police station to assist him pay off the debt, but Chatikobo ordered Chigwazo to pay $10 instead of $5.

Chigwazo allegedly then advised Chikore to call a relative to enquire whether it was lawful to meet Chatikobo’s demand.

It is alleged after the phone call the receiver demanded to talk to Chatikobo. After the receiver finished talking to Chatikobo he allegedly turned on the complainants and started assaulting them.

Chatikobo further forced the two to roll on the floor full of urine, which they were also forced to lick.

The two were later released without charge. The State alleges they will produce the soiled clothes in court as exhibits. Newsday


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