Thursday 30 November 2017


AN MDC-T youth official has advised his party to shift its mindset and change its approach in order to win over the electorate following political developments, which saw the new President Emmerson Mnangagwa seemingly adopting strategies similar to theirs.
MDC-T Matabeleland South youth vice-chairman, Archibald Nyamayaro told Southern Eye yesterday that there was excitement, which was seemingly working against party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

“We need to start to shift goalposts. In the past, it has always been ‘Mugabe must fall’. Now there is Mnangagwa, whom we feel has garnered support from people by making people hopeful about Zimbabwe. This in turn is a rejuvenation of Zanu PF, so how do we react to this and make our party relevant to the situation?” he said.

Nyamayaro felt it was necessary to reconsider the face of the party.

He said since Tsvangirai was not in good health, it was time for young blood to take over constitutionally.

Nyamayaro said the party cannot talk about electoral reforms when MDC-T itself cannot reform as a political grouping.

He said what MDC-T had been promising people about change, was now being implemented by Mnangagwa.

Nyamayaro said his party should go back to the drawing board and refocus its rhetoric if it was to remain relevant.

“Although there is need of supporting and engaging on transitional issues, we owe the party an identity. We need to be visible, we need a new face to rejuvenate us not by disrespecting our party president. This is food for thought, which should be digested and acted upon in good time,” he said.

Nyamayaro said Mnangagwa had taken a leaf from the MDC-T by engaging in economic rejuvenation and this had brought hope to the common man.

He said if Mnangagwa’s administration repealed repressive laws such as the Public Order and Security Act, Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act and Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, this would seal his acceptance by the masses.Newsday


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