Friday 27 October 2017


A PROTRACTED domestic dispute between a Dangamvura couple ended tragically after the wife hanged herself in their matrimonial bedroom during the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Police confirmed the suicide and said investigations were in progress.

Linda Maputso’s body was found dangling on the roof of their House Number N332B, Area C after she hanged herself with a rope. She was found by her teenage brother-in-law, Nomore Bvekerwa, whom she was left staying with after her husband, Eldon Bvekerwa, reportedly deserted her. The 27-year-old woman is believed to have failed to endure the heat of their domestic dispute which is said to have been sparked by “household budget” and decided to commit suicide.

The Manica Post visited the place at around mid-morning on Tuesday. Although it is believed that Linda did not leave behind a suicide note, her brother-in-law told The Manica Post that the couple was having endless fights over the use of money at the house. Neighbours, who claimed to know the couple very well, said Bvekerwa abandoned his wife at the height of the dispute. They also claimed that Bvekerwa had forcibly taken away their two children.

The Manica Post failed to locate Bvekerwa as he was reported not to be at home. A man who identified himself as Cosmas and elder brother to Bvekerwa refused to give the former’s mobile number.

“I last saw him on Sunday. I do not have his number, maybe you can go to Green Market where he works and try to locate him. I woke at around 6am preparing to go to school when I discovered that my uniform was missing from where it was supposed to be. I called my sister-in-law, but there was no answer. I went to knock on the bedroom door, but there was no response. I knocked for about six times, but there was no response. When I into the room and I found her body dangling on the trusses,” he said.

Nomore added: “The two always quarreled over the use of money. My brother was complaining that she was squandering money and at times she would take money from home without his knowledge. That is where all the problems started.”

Nomore confirmed that his brother had long abandoned his family and would only return home to change clothes once in a space of about eight days. Nomore also confirmed that the couple’s children were no longer staying with their parents.

“It is true. He would only return to change clothes once in, maybe, two weeks. He was no longer staying here. The children are staying at our sister’s house,” he said. manica post


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