Sunday 29 October 2017


The University of Pretoria has suspended two students after a video surfaced online showing them using the K-word in a conversation in which one claimed that a black person had stolen her phone.

Rikus Deport‚ spokesperson for the university‚ said that the duo was suspended on Friday.

“This is pending a disciplinary hearing‚” Deport said. The Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust (CRET) has also withdrawn its bursary sponsorship for one of students depicted in the derogatory video that was shared on social media on Friday morning.

The video is said to have landed in the wrong hands when one of the students intended to send it to her friend but mistakenly sent it to a WhatsAap group titled “physiotherapy”.

In the video‚ one woman can be heard saying "A f***ing k****r stole my phone" while laughing.

The other one responds by saying: "Did you hear that? A f***ing k****r stole her phone." The first one then replies and says: "I am so f****ng dumb‚ f****ng k*****s."

Following the insults‚ one of them suggests that the video must not be played in front of “Zamani” and laughs.

Screenshots of what appear to be the conversation after the video was mistakenly sent to the group shows the woman apologising for the video.
In its statement‚ the Ramaphosa Trust distanced itself from the racist‚ offensive and derogatory comments made by the two students.

“CRF and CRET condemn the abhorrent behaviour displayed in the video and has rescinded the student’s bursary with immediate effect. The CRET bursary programme has prided itself on its non-racial‚ non-discriminatory programme that supports disadvantaged students across all races.

“We are devastated to learn that one of our family members has disappointed us to such a degree when South African needs to be embracing its diversity‚” said the statement.

The Trust vowed to support any action taken against the student‚ “pending the outcome of a disciplinary inquiry by the University of Pretoria”.


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