Sunday 8 October 2017


War veterans have invaded a farm owned by former Regional Integration and International Cooperation deputy minister Reuben Marumahoko claiming that it is too big for him.

The farm, 10km east of Karoi town, is among Hurungwe farms that measure more than 1 000 hectares, according to an investigation by the District Lands Identification Committee (DLIC) in March this year.

Hurungwe district war veterans’ secretary of information and publicity, Anthony Zunzanyika confirmed the invasion of Mashala Farm, saying they were following government policy.

“This is not an invasion but a government policy that recommended that farms within region 2B must be 400 hectares,” he said.
“We have been waiting for authorities to act. We believe at least 37 plot holders will be allocated 20 hectares each at Mashala Farm.

“We are not casting any stones at anyone politically. As war veterans, we have our 20% allocation and currently we have seven members on the ground.”

Marumahoko, who is also the Hurungwe North MP, yesterday said the invasion of his farm was illegal.

“I am away in Bulawayo. Once I go back, I will make sure that police chase them away,” he said.

“These are the people causing veld fires at my farm. I have lost all the grass for cattle.”

Meanwhile, Zunzanyika accused Hurungwe East MP Sarah Mahoka of fuelling corruption in the allocation of land in the district.

But Mahoka said there was no bad blood between her and war veterans.

“I work well with war veterans in Hurungwe East. I know nothing about the other issues being raised,” she said.

War veterans are said to be targeting another farm owned by former Environment minister Francis Nhema’s brother, which they say must be subdivided. Standard


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