Sunday 1 October 2017


TAJAMUKA activists who were involved in skirmishes with the police, illegal money-changers and vendors during violent protests in Harare on Friday, were yesterday said to have gone into hiding fearing both the police and Zanu PF youths.

One of the activists who spoke on condition he was not named, said following the demonstrations, police had visited his home with the intention of arresting him.

“I am not at home because police are after me even though I was not part of the violent demonstration. The police have no idea who was part of the demonstration and are now looking for anyone linked to the organisation,” he said.

The activist said so far, no one from the social movement had been arrested.

“None of our members have been arrested so far but there are some people who were arrested. These could have been people who just joined in the demonstration or passers-by,” he said.

MDC-T secretary for security and defence, James Chidhakwa said the opposition party youth had not taken part in the demonstration because they were preparing for their 18th anniversary celebrations to be held in Kwekwe on Saturday.

“It is sad that police attacked our members at Harvest House. They seem to think that hitting MDC supporters and youths will end the crisis in this country. We are busy with our anniversary celebrations and we are not in anyway involved with the violence which rocked Harare,” he said.

Zanu PF youths are reportedly angry after a ruling party branded vehicle had its windows shattered by the protesters.

They have promised retributive justice, saying they were waiting for another such demonstration.

But youth leader Kudzai Chipanga said he was in the dark.

“I am in Bulawayo and I am yet to receive a report on the violence and damage on the vehicle. We are busy here assessing the preparedness of Bulawayo to host the ninth presidential youth interface rally and mobilising our structures,” he said.

Attempts to get comment from the police yesterday were fruitless as national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, said she was attending a funeral and could not comment. Standard


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