Monday 30 October 2017


A Rusape teacher committed suicide recently after he was discharged by his employer, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. Ephrage Mafuta (34), a teacher at St Theresa’s Primary School in Makoni West, was allegedly dismissed from work due to a litany of charges, chief among them alcoholism. 

Rusape District police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Muzondiwa Clean said Mafuta, who was drunk at the time, gulped an unknown poison and died upon admission at Rusape General Hospital.

“On October 17, Ephrage Mafuta arrived home from St Theresa’s Business Centre around 8.30pm while drunk,” he said. “He told his wife, Conilia Chimwe, that his sister was not feeling well.

“Chimwe left their home to fetch water from a neighbouring house and when she returned, Mafuta told her he had drunk poison.” Asst Insp Clean said Mafuta begun frothing on the mouth. He became unconscious,” he said. 

“Chimwe looked for assistance from neighbours and Mafuta was rushed to St Theresa’s Mission Hospital and was later transferred to Rusape General Hospital where he died the following day. Investigations are still underway. As police we continue to urge people to seek counselling whenever they encounter challenges. Taking one’s life is never a solution to problems. People must value the sanctity of life.” Herald


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