Friday 6 October 2017


President Mugabe reportedly publicly clashed with his deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa at the Harare International Airport upon his return from a state visit in neighbouring South Africa.

The public spat emanated from remarks Mnangagwa made in Masvingo while attending Mahofa’s memorial service.

“Mnangagwa questioned why Mphoko had to issue a public statement concerning his health when he could have called him to discuss the issue,” the source said.

“Mnangagwa also wanted to know why Mphoko suggested that he had undermined the authority of the president when the issue of his illness was well-known by the president after doctors gave him an hour-long briefing.

“The heated exchange subsided when Mugabe arrived. However, Mnangagwa went straight to Mugabe to register his displeasure.

“The president did not want Mnangagwa to explain his issue, but instead questioned him the motive of his Masvingo utterances,” said the source, adding: “when Mnangagwa wanted to explain how the Mahofa issue came in, Mugabe did not want to listen.

“While Mnangagwa was explaining his reference to Mahofa, Mugabe, who had lost his temper, saying ‘nonsense, nonsense’ until he got to his vehicle. Mugabe then stopped at his vehicle and gave Mnangagwa a chance.”

Sources said Mnangagwa told Mugabe that he was waiting for his permission to respond and publicise his medical and toxicological reports

“It was at this point that Mugabe said it was not necessary to continue fighting in public. Mugabe told Mnangagwa that such an issue needed to be resolved amicably and not in the public.”

While addressing the Mahofa family and Zanu PF supporters, Mnangagwa opened up on his food poisoning scare, saying he experienced what Mahofa at a Zanu PF conference in 2015 experienced when she was taken ill after a poison scare in Victoria Falls.

“I have come to tell you that what happened to Mai Mahofa in Victoria Falls is what also happened to me. I am making tremendous recovery. Those who wished me dead will be ashamed because when God’s time for one to die is not up, he will not die. I still have many years to live and the truth will come out,” Mnangagwa said. Zimbabwe independent


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