Thursday 26 October 2017


TWO men masquerading as prophets from Johanne Masowe Yenguvo Tsvuku were yesterday busted in Cranborne after an attempt to con a family of a beast.

Tineyi Mkokeri, 28 and Wilfred Banda who claim to hail from Banket claimed they had been sent by the ‘Spirit’ to deliver the family’s father of an asthmatic attack which would result in him being a mental patient.

Not moved by their antics, the family contacted members of the Traditional Medicine Practitioners Council (TMPC) who unearthed their fake practices.
The two insist they are genuine prophets who help people but had been moved by the love of wealth.

Banda admitted that he had lied to the family that they had been led to their house by the spirit saying it was a way for them to be accepted.

“On that issue we lied, it is a way for us to be accepted, sezviya zvinoitwa kana uchipfimba musikana unotomuti unemota dzakawanda,” he said. 

“We were referred by one baba Yeu, a sangoma who has helped this family and he said if we manage to help them we will even get a cow. Hanzi baba vepo vanemombe dzakawanda mukavabatsira vanogona kukupai. He came with us and he is the one who directed us here, akatotimirira pamarobbots,” he added.

Mkokeri said he had been promised ‘something’ after the job.
“Madzibaba (Banda) said he wanted me to help him and we would get something after the job,” he said.

Narrating the incident, the father of the family who preferred anonymity said had they panicked, they would have fallen for the two’s antics.

The two were armed with their regalia, a horn and some teeth and are not registered practitioners.

“We had gone out and as soon as we arrived our worker said we had visitors in the house who had been sent by the spirit from Chiweshe.

“We spoke to them and they were using threats for us to bow to their demands. Hanzi tikasakunamatirai panezvinokuwanai. We asked kuti Harare yese iyi pano ndopamanzwa kuti pane munhu anorwara zvikanzi tatumwa nemweya tofanira kukukushayi mvura ine salt.

“We suspected that they were bogus and we chased them out and instructed my wife to contact TMPC and here they are,” he said.

TMPC condemned the two’s actions and urged the public to be on the lookout for such ‘criminals’.

“As TMPC we urge the people to be on the lookout for such people. We have noted that such tsikamutandas are on the increase and fleecing people of their money. We urge people to report any questionable behaviour,” TMPC member said.


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