Tuesday 31 October 2017


Pompous businessman, Wicknell Chivayo received a backlash on social media yesterday after he posted a picture of himself with eight pairs of shoes displayed on a kitchen table.
With the caption: “If someone tells you that you have enough shoes, stop talking to them . . . You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!!!” Wicknell likely thought he was bragging about his riches as usual, but his followers could not take it as they bashed him for being immature and unhygienic.

“You can have money, but you can’t buy style . . . Imagine how unhygienic it is to put shoes on a table where you feast on. Money really doesn’t cure strong rural background,” posted one of his followers.

This is however not the first time, Wicknell, who clearly has a shoe fetish has posted his shoes as he did so last year and got another backlash as the shoes were haphazardly laid on his bedroom floor. Most suggested that he build a closet where he will nicely arrange them.

“You have extreme hygiene issues. First you had smelly shoes piled on a corner, now you have shoes on the kitchen table? Doesn’t matter how expensive your shoes are, enrol yourself in a personal hygiene and etiquette class.”

Others went personal and took a dig at the bulgy Wicknell saying he needed to focus on losing weight instead.

“If someone tells you that your body is OK, stop talking to that person because truly speaking, you look like a JoJo Tank.”

“My brother, I know you’ll call me poor and all but I want to understand your addiction to shoes. Does it have anything to do with your weight messing up the shoes or your foot kills the shoes fast?”
Others said they felt pity for his wife who had to deal with such tendencies.
“I feel sorry for your wife who has to collect shoes in the bedroom to arrange them on the kitchen table, take a picture of you and then take back the shoes and pack them.”
“Wicknell’s wife is in trouble. This is the stuff she puts up with daily? Imagine the process of walking up and down the house with those shoes from the closet to lay them on a kitchen table just to take pictures.”

Some simply called him a fool. “Why is it that whenever I see your posts, I get reminded of the parable of the rich fool. Indeed you’re one,” wrote another user.

“When pregnancy is delayed in marriage, couple starts crying, saying ‘’why us” and all that, thinking that God has forsaken them. Not knowing the delay is to prevent idiots like this from being born,” commented another.

Others suggested that Wicknell, who portrays himself as a rich businessman, needed to take notes from the likes of American business magnate, Bill Gates.

“After reading this update, I went to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs pages and never saw shoes or clothes on display. Humility is very important. Realised common sense is not so common after all.” chronicle


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