Tuesday 17 October 2017


A MARRIED Plumtree woman has approached the courts seeking a protection order against her possessive ex-lover whom she once had an adulterous affair with when her husband was at work in South Africa.

In her application filed at the Plumtree magistrate’s Court, Ms Petronella Sibanda of Hebron Suburb said she had an extra marital affair with Lungile Sibanda which lasted for one year while her husband was working in South Africa.

She said she had since dumped Lungile but he had turned violent and wants her back.
“I fell in love with Lungile in 2016 while my husband was working in South Africa. I then ended the relationship with him this year as I now wanted to concentrate on my marriage and to make up with my husband.

“This didn’t please Lungile as he refused to accept that our relationship had ended. He has maintained that he wants our affair to continue even though I have continuously refused. He has now turned violent towards me as he is continuously insulting and assaulting me for dumping him,” said Ms Sibanda.

She said Lungile was also in the habit of sending abusive messages to her husband and also threatening him. Ms Sibanda said Lungile comes to her house unannounced to assault her.
She appealed with the court to order Lungile to stop insulting, assaulting, intimidating or threatening her. She said her ex lover should also stop harassing her husband.
The matter was postponed to a later date after Plumtree magistrate, Mr Taurai Manwere, ordered Lungile to be re-served with summons to appear in court after he did not turn up as he had not been notified of the date to appear in court. Chronicle


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