Saturday 14 October 2017


THROUGHOUT his political career, President Robert Mugabe has established himself as one person who can never forgive, let alone forget.

Many skeletons lie in the political cemetery for crossing his path, particularly when it comes to power issues.

The list of his victims is long and winding, with his deputy for 10 years, Joice Mujuru, among them, for “daring” to challenge the veteran leader’s power.

His sitting Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who many say has diligently served Mugabe for close to four decades, is likely to join the growing list.

A lot has been witnessed over the past 37 years, as Mugabe’s political soap opera continues to unfold, but the return of Webster Shamu, who was wandering in the political wilderness for three years over his links to an alleged plot against the 93-year-old leader, explicitly shows the other side of Mugabe.

Maybe, Zanu PF youth secretary Kudzai Chipanga was correct to equate Mugabe to Jesus, for the man has shown that he can forgive those who “worship” him.

First was the late Tony Gara in the 1990s to equate Mugabe to Jesus and got rewarded with a deputy ministerial position.
Chipanga seemed to run the same script as Gara to endear himself to Mugabe.

He has described Mugabe as Angel Gabriel and the veteran leader can hardly skip mentioning the Makoni West legislator’s name in his speeches.

But the bouncing back of Shamu as Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister in a Cabinet reshuffle announced on Monday has all, but confirmed Mugabe as a person who rewards those who worship him, apart from punishing his aggressors.

The former Information minister was in the political wilderness for three years, but his bootlicking efficiency remained an uppercut that even has made the likes of Chipanga green with envy.

First, Shamu branded Mugabe as Cremora, a coffee creamer that once dominated the local market in 2011 and two years later, stunned journalists and musicians when he said he would have preferred Mugabe for a father.

“Gushungo, people say you have Cremora, the whole body. The war the world over, President, is about you. They fear you and that is why they are doing all this,” Shamu said in 2011.

“There is no president the world over who has degrees like President Mugabe. He is brainy and that’s why he is feared. You fought the liberation struggle for a long time and you should also rule for as long as you want.”

Shamu’s bootlicking did not save him from expulsion in 2014 from the party along with several other government ministers and party bigwigs on allegations of plotting against Mugabe.

Shamu is back in Mugabe’s favour again.

“The reappointment of Shamu is an indication of the President trying to surround himself with those who worship him and limit those who attack him,” political analyst Alexander Rusero said.

“Shamu’s bootlicking has paid off. He had only fallen victim because of his association with Mujuru, but got back in favour the moment he showed that he had repented. Mugabe rewards those who worship him, the likes of Chipanga and Obert Mpofu of the ‘most obedient son’ fame.” Newsday


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