Wednesday 13 September 2017


THE man who ran over a woman and ploughed into a precast wall before ramming into a house in Sizinda, Bulawayo in a botched hit and run had allegedly stolen the car, it emerged yesterday.

Pfumirai Kambore (35) of Sizinda who has since been arrested had reportedly stolen the Mazda Atenza from his cousin who recently came back from South Africa.
Kambore allegedly picked up his girlfriend at around 5PM in the suburb on Monday and was involved in the accident as he was taking her back home. He had driven her to a grinding mill at a garage along Nketa Drive in Tshabalala suburb.

Kambore’s relative who spoke on condition of anonymity claimed he did not have a driver’s licence. Bulawayo Police Spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said yesterday:

“We have arrested a 35-year-old man after he caused an accident by negligent driving. He failed to adhere to a speed limit of the area and ran over a pedestrian. He then ploughed into a durawall before ramming into a house.”

She urged motorists to stick to set maximum speed limits especially in residential areas to avoid accidents and loss of life. Following the accident, onlookers screamed in terror as the woman, Mrs Lestina Tshuma, clung precariously to the vehicle, which appeared to be trying to shake her off as it went into the house.

The vehicle, witnesses said, failed to  negotiate a corner and hit Mrs Tshuma as she was walking by the roadside about to enter her friend’s home.

Kambore allegedly robbed her of $30, apparently thinking she had died. Good Samaritans who called an ambulance fought him and tried to snatch the woman’s money from his clutches. The notes were torn to pieces during the scuffle.

An angry mob wanted to mete instant justice on the robber-cum-motorist but swift reaction from the police saved him from being assaulted. The woman whose house was damaged by the vehicle, a Mrs Bitu, said she still cannot believe she was almost hit by a car in her living room.

An unconscious Mrs Tshuma was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital by an ambulance.
A vendor who has a stall a few metres away from the accident scene said Kambore did not stop the car after hitting Mrs Tshuma but instead accelerated.

“After knocking that woman, he tried to flee but she clung onto the bonnet. “He accelerated assuming that she would fall from the bonnet but he failed to negotiate a sharp turn and ploughed into the precast wall before smashing into the house with her still on the bonnet. “She is lucky to be alive,” said a vendor who only identified herself as MaBanda. Chronicle


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