Tuesday 12 September 2017


President Robert Gabriel Mugabe has promoted senior Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) officers to substantive ranks of brigadier general, colonels and lieutenant colonels.

Colonel Stephen Gwekwerere has been promoted to the rank of a Brigadier General, while 10 senior officers were conferred with ranks of colonels and 18 others elevated from ranks of being majors to lieutenant colonels by the President Mugabe.

Addressing the new senior officers at the conferment of Brigadier General Gwekwerere and 10 other colonels, Chief of Staff Administration Staff, Major General Douglas Nyikayaramba said professionalism, discipline and dedication to duty are some of the principles that have been shown by the newly promoted senior members before and after independence.

In his acceptance speech and on behalf of other newly promoted senior officers Brigadier General Gwekwerere pledged commitment to serve the country as they undertake their new positions.

Conferring 18 majors to the ranks of lieutenant colonels, Brigadier General Staff David Sigauke said the elevated officers now have the duty to develop and nurture their subordinates.

The appointments which were effected from 01 September this year were done in terms of section 15 part 1 (b) of the defence act chapter 11 point 2.


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