Tuesday 19 September 2017


A BULAWAYO businessman went missing recently and was found dead two weeks later in Hwange, leaving his family puzzled amid suspicions that he was killed in the city and his body was dumped in the mining town.

Albert Dube (68) was found dead by a villager who was looking for his goats and a post-mortem was not conducted as the body had decomposed. At the time of his death, the businessman allegedly had one sock on while his jacket and tie were hanging on a tree.
His shoes were placed next to his body.

Dube, of Famona suburb, was last seen on August 14 when he left for work and his body was found just outside Hwange town on September 2.  He was buried a week later at his rural home in Silobela.

Now that his family has buried him, members say they are now appealing to people who may help solve his alleged murder puzzle to assist. The family spokesperson Mr Mluleki Moyo said they suspect that Dube was killed and dumped in Hwange.

He said it is highly unlikely that Dube went to Hwange in a conscious state.
“Dube left home for work on August 14 and that was the last day his family or his employees saw him. His phone went off on that day and the family made a report of a missing person to the police.
“We then got word from police on September 4 saying the body of my uncle had been found in Hwange District. A man who was looking for goats discovered the body in the bush and reported the matter to police. The body was in an advanced stage of decomposition, hence post mortem was not done,” he said.
“We still wonder why and how he could have reached Hwange because from what we know, Dube had no business in Hwange. He could have only reached that far in an unconscious state.”
Mr Moyo said on the day he was last seen, Dube hitchhiked to town as one of his children who resides in the city centre had borrowed his car.
“He rarely used public transport and it’s unbelievable for him to have travelled all the way to Hwange by public transport. We suspect his assassin killed and dumped the body in Hwange to conceal the murder.
“He was found in a shirt, tie and jacket which he never wore when going outdoors. He would have worn khakis instead. ‘Nxa weyelohambo lwegangeni wayezagqoka amakhaki, hatshi isudu.’ That’s him,” he said.

Mr Moyo said Dube was in the business of buying and selling properties.
“Of late he was into selling shelf companies and he recently sold his security company. Between 1982 and 1995 he owned an import & export company called Jose Pedro & Co. At the time of his death he was running a business consultancy called Cohen Webb Doreen,” said Mr Moyo.

Dube’s mother, Mrs Emily Dube, said so far there is no single answer to many questions that the family has over her son’s death.

“My son Albert was a very intelligent, calculative and brave man and I must say I have lost a hero. He was my breadwinner and now I don’t know how I will survive without him. I am also still trying to come to terms with the way he departed, leaving the family with so many unanswered questions. We have too many questions and no answers about his death,” she said.

“He was a hard working, compassionate man who in the family was always there for both close and extended family.”

She said the family is disappointed because a post-mortem could not be conducted due to the body’s advanced state of decomposition.

“We appeal to members of the public who may have any information leading to his mysterious death to approach us or the police so that we get the culprits behind bars,” said Mrs Dube. chronicle


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