Wednesday 27 September 2017


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There was drama last week at the launch of the rehabilitation programme for Mutsindikwa Dam in Ward 5, Buhera, after an elderly man went berserk and threatened to give Chief Makumbe a thorough hiding, accusing him of using unscrupulous means to land the chieftainship.

Mr Mukasi Mapunga (84) appeared to have turned a blind eye on the delegation compromising top Government officials and other traditional leaders that had come for the programme and started hurling obscenities at Chief Makumbe.
He went on to remove his jacket as he charged towards Chief Makumbe, leaving the director of affairs in the Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs’ Office Mr Kennedy Mugarisanwa, provincial administrator Mr Edgars Seenza, Buhera West MP Cde Oliver Mandipaka, ZINWA provincial engineer Tendai Muyambo, Chief Makoni, senior police officers from Buhera and other villagers baffled.

Mr Mugarisanwa was representing Minister Mandi Chimene who was the guest of honour at the event. In a no-holds-barred tirade, Mr Mapunga accused Chief Makumbe of receiving bribes from his subjects before allocating them pieces of land.

Efforts by Chief Makumbe to calm the senior citizen were fruitless as he continued defying him.

“You are too young to stop me from talking,” said Mr Mupunga to the chief. “You are not the chief. In fact, you are a son to me and I am supposed to be the chief. You got to that position through unscrupulous means. “You are responsible for causing a lot of confusion in this area. Everyone is aware of it and you are supposed to return the chief’s gown to the authorities.”

Chief Makumbe did not respond to the allegations. It took the courage of other villagers to restrain Mr Mapunga, before whisking him away from the proceedings. Those who witnessed Mr Mapunga’s actions condemned him. They claimed that he was bitter after he lost his bid to earn the Makumbe chieftainship.

“He wanted to be the chief,” said Mr Vitalis Makumbe. “Unfortunately, he lost the bid and that is why he is bitter. He usually takes advantage of events like this one to vent his anger. We now know his intentions.” herald


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