Saturday 16 September 2017


An intricate web of calls between two police officers and four civilians before and after they robbed an Indian businessman of $56 000 at a fake roadblock led to their conviction yesterday.

Dickson Morosi (32), Kundai Makwarimba (35) and Fortune Sibanda (29), Bekezela Masuku (44), Chris Kadungure alias Butter Makiyi (46), Kelvin Makiyi (28) were convicted of robbery by Harare regional magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo. The prosecutor Ms Rudo Chasi told the court that some of the accused have previous convictions.

The matter was adjourned to Monday. In his judgment Harare regional magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo said the six pretended to the court that they all met for the first at remand prison yet a slew of calls placed them at the crime scene. “The accused alleged that the police assaulted them leading them into submitting to things they did not do,” said Mr Makomo.

“However, the accused failed to sustain the allegations of undue influence. Call histories of all the accused show an intricate web of calls around the time of the offence.

“A slew of calls from Kadungure to Morosi, Makwarimba, Sibanda, and Makiyi points to him and one Charles Saraf who is on the run as the master minders of the crime.

“The court has no doubt of the invincible case against the accused. They are guilty as charged.” Makwarimba and Sibanda are stationed at Harare Central Police Station and Morris Depot respectively.

The gang got wind that Junaid Pervaiz was transporting money from his shop to his house in Belvedere and hatched a plan to rob him. They drove in a silver Toyota Spacio and a Honda Fit both without registration number plates and waylaid him along Hudson Road, Belvedere.

They mounted a fake police roadblock with two of them wearing police uniforms and traffic reflective sleeves. As the complainant approached the “roadblock” while driving his Toyota Runx, he was flagged down by the gang and he complied.
They forcibly pulled out his car keys from the ignition and searched his vehicle. They found a black satchel which was at the back seat and demanded to know its contents.
One of the accused persons then opened the satchel and found cash amounting to $56 800. They suddenly grabbed the bag and jumped into their gate away cars and drove off.

Morosi helped police recover a Mazda Familiar and $500 cash, while an Altezza that Makwarimba bought was impounded. Sibanda assisted police recover a Mercedes Benz. Herald


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