Monday 28 August 2017


Police allegedly turned away a 19-year-old woman, who was reportedly raped by Lieutenant-Colonel Rangarirai Kembo, claiming they did not work on Sundays, a Harare court heard yesterday.

The complainant’s aunt, who was testifying as the second State witness, said she had to return to the police station with the complainant, who worked as Kembo’s housemaid.

She said she does not know the name of the police station, but it’s along Airport Road. The complainant filed her report at Braeside Police Station. The aunt said; “When she opened up to me, I told her to tell someone in the camp. She told me that she was afraid to tell anyone because the accused had threatened her against disclosing the sexual abuse.

“She said that she went to report the matter to the police on a Sunday, but police officers at that station told her that they were not working and could not take her report. I went back with her the following day and she directed me to the office where she had tried to report the matter the previous day.”

Kembo’s lawyer Mr Emmanuel Samundombe dismissed the allegations saying the complainant never mentioned that in her evidence in camera.

“Whose testimony should the court believe? Yours or the complainant’s? Because you have volunteered information that she never mentioned in her statement or in court,” said Mr Samundombe.

Trial continues today. Mr Makoni alleged that on July 29 this year, at around 9pm, the woman was asleep in her bedroom when Kembo called her.

The woman went to the dining room and Kembo ordered her to warm his food and after serving him, she went back to sleep. It is alleged that Kembo called the woman again and asked her to remove the plates. She complied and went back to her room.
The court heard that as soon as she entered her room, Kembo called her again, this time asking her to watch television with him. The woman refused, indicating that she wanted to sleep.

She went to her room and was awakened by Kembo, who was now standing at her door. The court heard that there was no light in the room and the door was not locked.
Kembo allegedly started praising the woman, telling her how well-behaved she was and that she was raised well. At the same time he was allegedly walking towards the woman, who was scared and started crying. Kembo allegedly started fondling her breasts and kissing her, before raping her.

The court heard that he ordered her not to tell anyone about the sexual abuse. She was medically examined and the report was tendered as an exhibit. Herald


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