Friday 18 August 2017


A 17-YEAR-OLD Matobo teenager stabbed his 15-year-old friend with a knife on the head during a dispute over a girl.

The boy died from the injuries four days later. The headman of Shazhabukwa Village in Matobo District, Mr Maphikisa Ndlovu, said the teenager, who cannot be named for ethical reasons, stabbed Mzingaye Ncube on Friday last week. His victim died on Tuesday while admitted to the United Bulawayo Hospitals. Mr Ndlovu said the teenager and

Mzingaye had an argument after they realised that they were dating the same girl. “There is a teenager from my area who stabbed his friend during an argument over a girl and he later died four days later while he was admitted at UBH.

The two teenagers met at Silozwi Business Centre on Friday morning and the teenager confronted Mzingaye.

“He accused Mzingaye of spreading rumours that they were dating the same girl and he wanted to assault him over the matter,” he said.

Mr Ndlovu said Mzingaye dismissed the rumours and parted ways with the teenager.

He said later during the day, Mzingaye asked his elder brother Mehlele Ncube to accompany him to the teenager’s home to confront him on why he was dating his girlfriend.

“A misunderstanding arose between them and Mehlele slapped the teenager once on the face which in turn pissed him off. The teenager produced a kitchen knife and upon seeing this Mzingaye and his elder brother fled,” Mr Ndlovu said.

He said the teenager chased them and caught up with Mzingaye whom he stabbed with the knife on the head causing him to lose consciousness. He said a neighbourhood watch committee member who was in the area apprehended the teenager and also assisted Mzingaye.

He said Mzingaye was ferried to Matobo District Hospital and he was referred to the UBH where he later died.

Mr Ndlovu said the incident had left villagers shaken. He said it remains a cause for concern that teenagers were engaging in criminal activities at such a tender age. Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Philani Ndebele could not be reached for comment. Chronicle


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