Sunday 20 August 2017


A Gweru pastor has been jailed for 10 months after he failed to pay maintenance for his three children.

The pastor had been ordered by the court to pay monthly premiums of $100 in 2015, but failed to do so until his arrears ballooned to $2 000.

Pastor Romeo Makonye (29) will spend 10 months in prison after he failed to pay for the upkeep of the children he sired with his estranged wife Shamaine Musindo.

He was sentenced by Gweru Magistrate Vimbai Makora recently. “My husband stopped taking care of me and the children after we started having problems.

“I engaged the church but it never worked until I found out that he had other children out of wedlock.

“I then took him to the civil court in 2015 where he was ordered to pay $100 a month for the upkeep of our three children,” said Musindo.

Musindo told this publication that she has gone back to her parents’ home as her marriage had broken down, accusing the pastor of being the source of the problems.

“I have decided to go back to my parents’ home because my marriage is falling apart. I feel that he doesn’t love me anymore.

“Before he got arrested, he would put pictures of another woman as his WhatsApp profile picture.

“That alone showed me there was nothing to stay for. At times, he would not sleep at home.”


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