Saturday 26 August 2017


MDC president Professor Welshman Ncube has dismissed Alliance for the People’s Agenda leader Dr Nkosana Moyo as an idealist and a day dreamer who does not understand Zimbabwean politics.

Prof Ncube said opposition parties under the MDC Alliance made the right choice in selecting Mr Morgan Tsvangirai as their presidential candidate.

Prof Moyo’s comments came a day after Dr Moyo said the purported coalition was an insult to Zimbabweans as people should be allowed to choose their leaders.

In an interview yesterday, Prof Ncube said Dr Moyo was a political novice. He said history had taught them that a divided opposition cannot unseat Zanu-PF from power.
Prof Ncube said except for Dr Moyo and his party, all the opposition parties were in agreement that a coalition is necessary.

“We have been in this thing for nearly two decades now. We have interacted with people at the grass roots levels since the formation of MDC and before that in civil society. I can tell you the public sentiment among the people who I interact with and that public sentiment is clear,” said Prof Ncube.

“That is the public sentiment, others are free to dream or construct an alternative reality or as Trump (US president Donald) people put it, alternative fact.
Those are alternative facts, they are not the reality on the ground.”
He said Dr Moyo and his party would plunge into mourning after the elections if they go it alone.
“No one in opposition politics can stand up and say they are in principle opposed to a coalition save for the Nkosana example. Those are the people who just entered politics and with the greatest respect to them, they don’t understand the dynamics of our politics and what happens on the ground. And for that reason mark my words there will be a lot of tears on the day the election results are announced in 2018,” Prof Ncube said.

“And you can come back ask me that question when there are tears because they don’t understand the people in this country and don’t understand politics.

There will be gnashing of teeth in 2018. The real politicians who have experience on what has happened in the last two decades will tell you on the imperatives of working together.”
Prof Ncube said Mr Tsvangirai was the most suitable candidate to lead the MDC Alliance as he has the numbers in his camp. “In my respectful view, if we had reservations about Tsvangirai’s ability, Tsvangirai’s suitability, we would not have agreed for him to be our presidential candidate. Among the seven parties that are in the MDC Alliance, we have agreed that he is the one we are putting forward as our candidate,” he said.

“We are doing that because we are confident that having regards to all the factors we think relevant, he is the best person to put forward at this particular time. He is the best person because of the support base that he has, he is the best person because of the experience that he has, best person because he has the capacity to hold all of us.

“In my respectful opinion as the MDC president I think we have made the right choice in this regard.”chronicle


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