Monday 28 August 2017


A LOWER Gweru woman approached the court last Friday seeking a peace order against her husband whom she accused of routinely bashing her for blocking his move to take in a second wife.

Sekiwe Revai alleged that her husband Simon Mamoya occasionally physically and verbally abused her after she refused to allow him to remarry.

“He (Mamoya) is in the habit of beating me saying he wants to marry a virgin,” Revai told the court.

“My husband has also neglected his duties as a father and left me with the children and besides the physical abuse he also verbally abuses me.”

But in his defence, Mamoya alleged that his wife was a liar who wanted to sell their house once she gets the protection order.

He also claimed that his wife was the one who was in the habit of running away from the matrimonial home and would at times come back after two days.

Gweru magistrate Elizabeth Magomore ruled in Revai’s favour and granted her the peace order before urging the couple to shun domestic violence. Newsday


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