Tuesday 1 August 2017


An information systems manager in the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, Betty Ranganai, was murdered in cold blood at her house in Whitecliff, Harare, during a robbery.

The suspected murderer, Phillimon Chivangu (22), yesterday appeared before Ms Josephine Sande.

He is facing charges of murder and was remanded in custody to August 6. Prosecutor Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that on Monday last week, Chivangu miscalculated that Ranganai was not home.

He hatched a plan to rob her and went to her home, house number 1493 Whitecliff South at around 10pm armed with a home-made knife, the court heard.

Chivangu allegedly used the knife to cut a plastic sheet which was used as a ceiling on the veranda and entered the house. Ranganai woke up to the noise and confronted Chivangu. The court heard that a scuffle ensued and Ranganai was overpowered.

It is alleged that Chivangu strangled Ranganai and stabbed her with the knife on the left side of her neck and she died instantly.

Chivangu allegedly removed his blood-stained pair of trousers, black belt, green woollen hat, blue jacket and pair of blue socks. He allegedly stole two blankets, a red dress, three T-shirts, a Samsung tablet and a 5kg Cadac gas cylinder.

Chivangu left his clothes at the crime scene. Ranganai’s body was discovered in a pool of blood at round 11am the following day.

Two days later, detectives received information that Chivangu was the culprit. He was arrested and led to the recovery of the stolen property at his house.

A post mortem concluded that Ranganai died due to damage on the vessels in her neck. Ranganai’s niece, Trish Tarisai, positively identified the property worth $430.

The clothes left at the crime scene were identified by Chivangu’s friend, James Panasi, as those he was wearing the day the murder occurred. A post mortem concluded that Ranganai died due to damage on the vessels in her neck. herald


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