Monday 28 August 2017


Cops are  investigating the late national heroine Shuvai Mahofa's workers who allegedly looted goods from her properties soon after the announcement of her death.

Although details are sketchy The Mirror established that two of the workers have already appeared at Gutu Magistrates Court and they were remanded out of custody.
The goods were stolen during Heroes' holidays barely 24 hours after the late Minister of State for Masvingo had died.

The Mirror is reliably informed that looted goods were being moved from her properties into Mpandwana Growth Point where they were going to be sold. Particularly affected is her farm in Lauder some few kilometres from the growth point and that is where the first suspects were nabbed.

Most of the looted goods were farming implements and of bags of fertiliser.

"It was a free for all particularly at her farm near Mpandawana. Workers who have cars were using the vehicles to ferry the goods to a house at Mpandawana Growth Point. The general hands used wheel barrows to take goods to neighbouring farms," said a source who declined to be named.

The scam came out when a close aide visited the farm in the wee hours of the morning and bumped into a worker arriving back into the homestead with an empty wheelbarow. The aide could not get clear answers on where the farm labourer was coming from at such odd hours. He however realised that goods were being stashed at neighbouring farms.

Further investigations then established that more goods were being ferried to the growth point using the late Mahofa's vehicle. Mahofa died on Monday last week and was buried at the National Heroes Acre on Sunday. masvingo mirror


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